UIC Art School FAQs

"An Existential Dilemma In Regards To Technology and Economy (Identity Crisis)" by Jon Chambers

Q: Who qualifies for in-state tuition?

A: Residents of the state of Illinois are assessed in-state tuition, and all other students are assessed out-of-state tuition. U.S. citizens, permanent residents and holders of certain types of visas may establish Illinois residency and qualify for in-state tuition provided certain conditions are met. There is also an Illinois law that allows for some students, including non-citizens, to qualify for in-state tuition provided specific criteria are met. For more information, click here.

Q: Does UIC offer graduate housing?

A: UIC offers single student resident housing for graduate students on the west side of campus, which is accessible by UIC shuttles and CTA buses. For more information, click here

Q: How do I obtain an assistantship at the School of Art & Art History?

A: The School of Art & Art History does not currently offer assistantships to students. There are a limited number of fellowships and teaching positions offered to students each year. For ways to fund your education, click here

Q: Do any of the MFA degree programs accept Spring admits?

A: No. Our MFA programs accept new students only in the Fall semester.

Q: Who can I contact with questions regarding the program?

A: Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies