Art Minor

Everyone is an artist.

Students from other disciplines who wish to minor in Art must complete a minimum of 16 semester hours, distributed as follows. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00. All students must complete a minimum of two 100-level courses along with the corresponding 200-level courses for a total of four courses.

Required Courses


Two courses selected from:   

ART 112—Introduction to Drawing (4)  
ART 130—Introduction to Painting and Color (4)  
ART 140—Introduction to Sculpture (4)  
ART 150—Introduction to New Media Arts (4)  
ART 160—Introduction to Digital Photography (4)  
ART 170—Introduction to Moving Image (4)  

Two additional courses at the 200-level chosen from the following and corresponding to the 100-level courses completed:      

ART 212—Topics in Drawing I (4)  
ART 230—Topics in Painting I (4)  
ART 240—Topics in Sculpture I (4)  
ART 250—Topics in New Media Arts: Intermediate (4)  
ART 260—Topics in Digital Photography (4)  
ART 261—Topics in Analog Photography (4)  
ART 270—Topics in Film I (4)  
ART 272—Topics in Video I (4)  
ART 274—Topics in Motion Graphics I (4)