5th Floor Gallery

About the Gallery

Previously known as the GBU Gallery, School of Art & Art History has transformed the space into 5th Floor, an exhibition venue and library housing vibrant venues for student led exhibitions and creative expression. The three unique spaces are dedicated to our Museum and Exhibition Studies program (MUSE), the exhibition of projects from our Art & Art History students, and the housing of the Donald J Young Library—a collection of art books accessible to our students and faculty.

The MUSE space emphasizes the evolving social and political context of today’s cultural institutions. The Museum and Exhibition Studies Program at UIC is actively engaged with the idea that cultural institutions, including museums and galleries, are places where ideas about what it means to be human, how we might care for the earth and each other, how power works in and through our cultural structures to advantage and disadvantage, and more are presented, debated, and worked and reworked using the languages of the arts and sciences, and the tools of research, design, and archives. The program believes that museums and exhibitions reflect and have the potential to inform the contexts of our lives, and that they can and should contribute to the larger project of social justice. Only MUSE majors and MUSE minors students can apply for this space.  

The OPEN space is dedicated to showcasing the work of our Art & Art History students. This can take the form of solo-shows, group exhibitions, and curatorial endeavors. 

The 5th Floor is dedicated to creating spaces that are accessible, fluid, feminist, queer, restorative, anti-racist, and reflective of the diversity of human experience as well as our communities at UIC. All exhibitions must be ADA accessible, as well as take into account access for visitors with needs including: translation services, cognitive and sensory processing, ASL, as well as other needs that might arise.

Students are welcome to propose shows as individuals or as collaborations twice a year for exhibitions in fall and spring semester.

We believe in engaging multiple publics through our exhibitions. All shows must be accompanied by 1-3 free public programs. Exhibitions last for the duration of the semester.

Proposals are reviewed by a committee that represents faculty and students from the School of Art & Art History. All accepted proposals will be allotted a $500.00 budget to execute their exhibition. All spending of funds are to be done in coordination with the designated staff member. No reimbursements will be processed.

Gallery Hours:

Monday-Thursday 12pm-2pm

Fridays 4-6pm

Current Exhibitions

The 5th Floor Market: Grocery Store as Cultural Institution is an upcoming exhibition at The 5th Floor Gallery at the UIC School of Art & Art History. The exhibition opens August 29, 2019 and will run until December 5, 2019  The 5th Floor Market is a social commentary installation on food, cultural institutions, and the start-up, Instagram culture that fuels our consumerist tendencies. 

This exhibition is curated by Araceli Medina-Castillo, Nina Versenyi, and June Ahn, second year graduate students in the UIC Museum and Exhibition Studies Program. For their Exhibition Practices class, they designed an exhibition section on food inequality in Chicago and began noticing parallels between grocery stores and museums. This inspired them to further analyze the politics of food and where/why we buy it, focusing on the grocery store as a cultural site. 

The 5th Floor Market asks visitors, is it outlandish to claim that museums and grocery stores are actually quite similar. While the installation is largely satirical, both critiquing and acknowledging the appeal of the consumer driven marketing strategies museums and grocery stores employ, the accompanying series of public programs is more generative. The programs focus on promoting healthier, more informed consumers and sustainable practices. They will include a grocery store tour with a UIC nutritionist, and a global dumpling potluck and film screening. 

The 5th Floor is located at 400 South Peoria Street, in the same building which houses Gallery 400 on the east side of campus. Admission to the exhibition and programming is free.

The gallery has open hours on Fridays from 1pm–6pm, and Monday-Thursday 12pm-2pm. Join us for the exhibition reception on August 29 from 6pm–8pm. See the School of Art & Art History online calendar for full details of events. https://artandarthistory.uic.edu

For updates on hours, events, and speakers, follow @uicsaah and @muse_uic on Instagram and Facebook. 

Follow The 5th Floor Market on Instagram @5thfloormarket. It’s not just food, it’s a lifestyle.

CASA is an exhibition of artists assessing their perception of “home" in the context of the Latin diaspora. Artists in this exhibition analyze the complex intersections of their identity-- addressing themes such as the forging of cultural identity in predominantly white areas; nostalgia for a country their parents called home; disconnect between family members with heteronormative ideals of gender and sexuality; and inherited family trauma from migration, assimilation, and oppression.
This exhibition features artworks by Juan Arango-Palacios, Lissette Bustamante, Andrea Reyes, Moises Salazar, and Eva Serrato. This exhibition is curated by Kayleigh Doyen.
CASA is held at UIC's Fifth Floor Gallery, located on the fifth floor of the Art and Exhibition Hall (AEH) at 400 S. Peoria Street. The exhibition runs from August 26 through December 5, 2019, with weekly open hours Monday through Thursday from 12:00-2:00pm and Friday 12:00-6:00pm.
Inquiries can be directed to curator Kayleigh Doyen at kdoyen3@uic.edu
Call For Proposals

We are currently accepting proposals for spring 2020. Applications are due September 23, 2019.

Apply here.