School of Art & Art History MUSE Faculty

Program Faculty
Program Faculty
Therese Quinn (Museum and Exhibition Studies)
Lucy Mensah (Museum and Exhibition Studies)
Maria Eugenia López-Garcia (Museum and Exhibition Studies)

Affiliated Faculty: 
Brian Bauer (Anthropology)
Jennifer Brier (History, Gender and Women’s Studies)
Rosa Cabrera (Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center)
Lennard Davis (English, Disability Studies)
Anna Guevarra (Global Asian Studies)
Robert Johnston (History, Jewish Studies)
Ronak K. Kapadia (Gender and Women’s Studies, Global Asian Studies)
Lisa Yun Lee (Art History)
Mario LaMothe (Anthropology, Black Studies)
Mark R. Martell (Asian American Resource and Cultural Center)
Carrie Sandahl (Disability Studies)
Karyn Sandlos (Art Education)
David Stovall (Black Studies; Criminology, Law, and Justice)

Guest Lecturers

These have included: 

  • Johanna Burton (New Museum)
  • Kemi Ilesanmi (The Laundromat Project)
  • Ethan Lasser (Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee Art Museum)
  • Margaret Lindauer (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Occupy Museums (everywhere)
  • Sarah Pharaon (International Coalition of Sites of Conscience)
  • Kameelah Janan Rasheed (artist)
  • John Ronan (John Ronan Architects)
  • Rhoda Rosen (Northwestern University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
  • Stephanie Smith (The Smart Museum at the University of Chicago)
  • Eric A. Stanley (director Criminal Queers)
  • Lisa Stone (Roger Brown Study Collection)
  • Nato Thompson (Creative Time, NY)
  • Chris E. Vargas (Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art, director Criminal Queers)
  • Hamza Walker (The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago). 

Instructors have included:

  • Lori Baptista (African American Cultural Center)
  • Joy Bivins (Chicago History Museum)
  • Paul Durica (Illinois Humanities and Pocket Guide to Hell Tours)
  • William Estrada (Mobiel Street Art Cart)]
  • Jeffreen M. Hayes (Threewalls)
  • Skyla Hearn (DuSable Museum of African American History)
  • Aaron Hughes (National Veteran's Art Museum)
  • Claudine Isé (Bad At Sports, Artforum)
  • Lisa Yun Lee (National Public Housing Museum)
  • Lisa Junkin Lopez (Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace)
  • Faheem Majeed (Floating Museum)
  • Kamilah Rashied (Art Institute of Chicago)
  • Jessica Roberts (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Rhoda Rosen (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
  • Jennifer Scott (Jane Addams Hull-House Museum)
  • Lorelei Stewart (Gallery 400)
  • Carlos Tortolero (National Museum of Mexican Art)
Program Advisors and Readers

In addition to those already noted these have included:

  • Esra Akan (Art History)
  • Elise Archias (Art History)
  • Catherine Becker (Art History)
  • Rosa Cabrera (Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center)
  • Penelope Dean (Graham Foundation)
  • Ömür Harmanşah (Art History)
  • Roberta Katz (Art History)
  • Barbara Koenen (DCASE)
  • Jonathan Mekinda (Art History)
  • Virginia Miller (Art History)
  • Sabrina Raff (Art)
  • Ella Rothgangel (St. Louis Art Museum)
  • Carrie Sandahl (Disability and Human Development)
  • Kevin Schultz (History)
  • Ashley Smith (Arizona Historical Society)
  • Blake Stimson (Art History)
  • David Sokol (Art History)