Interdisciplinary Education in the Arts

What is IDEAS?

IDEAS stands for Interdisciplinary Education in the Arts. We are a
program in the School of Art & Art History dedicated to the principle that
the many opportunities and challenges of the contemporary world require
broad-based, transdisciplinary thinking and action -- and that the arts is
where the most creative thinking and making happen. IDEAS is for future
creative leaders who are prepared to think and work both critically and
creatively in preparation for cutting-edge, multifaceted careers linking
the arts to each other within a context that includes the emerging digital

The four interdisciplinary courses that make up the core of IDEAS survey
creativity as an engine for the visual arts, design, architecture, theater,
music, exhibition studies, and the history and theory of the arts. After
completing the core courses and training across the College of Architecture
Design and the Arts, a senior capstone project is developed in partnership
with an advisor or within an existing program.

What about careers?

With careful mentoring and the capstone project, the IDEAS major is trained
for one or more of these exciting fields:

Interdisciplinary Design, Arts, Sound, or Visualization Research

Marketing and Communications

Art, Architecture, Design Criticism

Material or Digital Fabrication

Fine Arts or Entertainment Administration

Cultural Entrepreneurship

Academic Study in any Area of ISA

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