For Current Undergraduate Art Students

Q: I need more financial assistance for school. What can I do?

A: The School of Art & Art History offers Talent Tuition, a $3,000 scholarship award offered every semester to undergraduate students in the program. Students have the opportunity to work in the studio labs (studio arts, photography, new media, moving image) as assistants or in the main office.To be eligible for this award, students must have already completed 2 semesters of coursework at UIC, have a minimum GPA of 2.75, and must be able to work 10-12 hours a week. Applications are available at the start of each academic year through the SAAH main office, 106 Jefferson Hall.


Q: I am not an art major but I want to take an art course. Can I do that?

A: Of course! We offer many Gen Ed classes that are open to all students.

If you have any specific questions about a class you are interested in simply reach out to the Student Affairs office at (312) 996-3351 to speak with an advisor about the course you are interested in. Some courses have restrictions or require course approval, so speaking with an advisor is important before attempting to register for it.


Q: I am an undergraduate student trying to register for a class but it says I need course approval. Who do I reach out to for that?

A: All undergraduates seeking course approval must contact their academic advisor. Contact the Student Affairs office at (312) 996-3351.


For Prospective MFA Students

Q: I am considering applying to your MFA program. What should I know about it?

A: Our MFA program is a small department with 20–30 students in total. Our small group allows our faculty member to get to know each student and their work. Each student works with a specific faculty advisor within the student’s area of focus. You will also participate in critiques with other students and faculty advisors in other areas, allowing you to receive different perspectives on your work. Most of your time is spent working in your studio and receiving feedback from peers and faculty during advisor meetings and group critiques. Each semester you are required to take a seminar course on contemporary art as well as three elective. Art history courses are available within the school, but you are also allowed to take non-art and art history classes from any department on campus. MFA students can also shadow professors and learn how to teach college courses. Our MFA program is ideal for students who already have a budding art practice, but want more in-depth feedback, more rigor, and want to learn how to speak and write about their work more articulately.


Q: What is the deadline to apply to the MFA program?

A: The deadline for those who wish to be considered for financial aid from the department is December 15th. The regular and FINAL application deadline is February 1st. Please note that we only admit graduate students for the fall, with instruction typically beginning in late August.


Q: I am an international student who wishes to apply to your MFA program. How do I apply?

A: You should apply through the University of Illinois Chicago. Instructions on how to apply can be found here. In addition to applying to the university, you will need to prepare application materials for our department which you can find here. For general information and help with the application process, you can reach out to the Office of International Student Affairs at (312) 996-3121.



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