Shane Hope


PhD, Cronomordant Extratemporal Studies, Thought Barrier Overclocking Thinking Recycling Think Tank 2.0, Wheneverland and Ever Aftermath
MFA, Junk DNA Sculptural Ontogenesis, Accelerationistas School of Noocytes vs. Computronium, 2041 and 2.22... zeptoseconds
BFA, Geekonomic Scillustration, Yöü-Ünix Klüster Koördinator U., 202_? &/or 2034-ish


Art & Exhibition Hall

Shane Hope scribbles on scriptable-scalable species-tool-beings and quacker-casts computronium-clouds of kilo-IQ’d collablobject-oriented co-op-corporeal commons-clusters and playbors with post-scarcity prescient-peek-a-boo public-panopticon-powdered plunderware-portraiture of percept-pus and plans for playborground ball pits of pure operationality all about atomic admin access-privs picturesque grey-gooplexus-thunkuppetrees and qubit-built-quilts algorithmicracked-out junk-DNAnarch-keys to un-nanoblockonomic-lock nano-nonobjective-ontographic fine-joules-bots that gots-lots-o-watts.

Courses Taught