Hannah B Higgins


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, Ph.D., 1994. Dissertation title: Enversioning Fluxus: A Venture into Whose Fluxus, Where and When. Advisors: Reinhold Heller, WJT Mitchell, Charles Harrison.
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, M.A., Art History, 1989. Thesis title: The Mad Man, The Muse and the Monist: Dada Artist Johannes Baader.
Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, B.A., Art History, 1988.



311A Henry Hall

Professor Hannah B. Higgins has been teaching at UIC since 1994. Her research and course topics examine twentieth century avant-garde art with a specific interest in Dadaism, Surrealism, Fluxus, Happenings, performance art, food art and early computer art. Her books and articles argue for the humanistic value of multimodal aesthetic experiences.

Higgins is solo author of Fluxus Experience (University of California Press, 2002) and The Grid Book (MIT Press, 2009) and co-editor of with Douglas Kahn of Mainframe Experimentalism: Early Computing and the Foundations of Digital Art(University of California Press, 2012). She has received the UIC University Scholar Award, DAAD, Getty and Philips Collection Fellowships and is co-executor of the Estate of Dick Higgins and the Something Else Press.

Courses Taught

European and American Art from 1900 to the Present
Global Survey of Art II
European and American Art from 1900 to the Present
Trends in International Contemporary Art Since 1960
Reading and Writing Art Criticism
Theories and Methods in Art History
Century of Chaos: Dada, Fluxus, Occupy
War Porn: Visualization and Modern Warfare
Theories of Experience
Theories and Methods in Art History
Pop Art
Marcel Duchamp
Public Art
Between Sound and Vision