Amanda Taves


Amanda Taves explores states of perception using multisensory interdisciplinary projects. Influenced by her training in criminal investigation and interest in scientific procedures, Taves investigates psychological encounters within the realm of routine experience. Focusing on the point at which the commonplace becomes uncanny, the photographs, installations, audio narrations, and investigative procedures employed in her work expose the history between object and action: the latent evidence of interaction. Through this lens, the everyday objects, people, and places we encounter and lend meaning to can be experienced simultaneously in both private and social contexts. Taves frequently collaborates with forensic professionals, city officials, and community organizations in her practice. Prior to receiving her BFA in Photography from the School of the Art Institute, Taves cultivated a visual literacy program at The Night Ministry and interned with Industry of the Ordinary. Her work has been curated by the New York Museum of Modern Art and she has participated as a panelist and visiting instructor at the School of the Art Institute. Her work has been exhibited nationally at venues including the Phoenix Museum of Art and Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. She is the recipient of various awards including a Chicago Cultural Center CAAP Grant and Goldman Sachs Scholarship.

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