Aishath Huda


2016 BFA China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

Aishath Huda (Huda) investigates the relationship between bodies and the environment in both the local and the ecological sense. She carefully studies the responses that happen in the interaction and transformation of the material, body, memory, event, and time. Huda regards Water as a knowledgeable access point to learn from, and works with Water as a method. Most recent work addresses the many ways Water is abstracted through ethics and aesthetics; how this affects climate literacy, and how climate literacy is connected to human and more-than-human relations.
Huda was born and raised in the Maldives. She recently received her M.F.A in 2023 from the University of Illinois Chicago, and has a BFA from China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including at Gallery400 (Chicago), Metafora (Barcelona), Santa Rosa Monastery (Sardinia), Diamonds La Gemma Dell’est (Zanzibar), Nehru Wangchuck Cultural Center(Thimphu), Egg Art Gallery (New Delhi), The Capital Library (Beijing), Sanshan Art Gallery & China Academy of Art Museum (Hangzhou), Xi’an Academy of Fine Art Museum (Xi’an) and the Maldives National Art gallery. She co-founded Fine Art Maldives, an artist organization based in the Maldives. Huda is based in Chicago and the Maldives.

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