Art History MA Qualifying Two-paper Option

Two-Paper Option

Students who select the Two-Paper Option must submit two substantial research papers written in graduate courses taken at UIC or at a CIC institution. Qualifying papers should be based on two different seminar papers or one seminar paper and one independent study paper. Each paper should be at least equivalent in quantity and quality to an excellent seminar paper and should use primary sources, ask critical questions of the material being presented, and be potentially useful for other scholars. Students selecting the two-paper option may register for 0-4 hours MA paper research (AH590).



No later than the 12th week of the semester preceding intended graduation, students who have chosen the Two-Paper Option: 

1. formally select two professors to read each paper: the professor for whom each paper was written, whether from Art History or from another department, shall be one of the readers. At least one of the readers must be from the department of Art History. The same two professors may serve as readers for both papers;   

2. notify (in writing) the DGS of the intent to choose the Two-Paper Option and provide the names of the faculty members who originally assigned the papers and of any additional readers. Complete the Two-Paper Option form (also available in the Art History office). It will be placed in your file for reference.    


Students who select the Two-Paper Option may register twice for AH 590 MA Paper Research (0 credit hours). Registration is not required but does entitle students to registered student status. 

Completion of Two Papers

1. A draft must be distributed to the respective primary reader of each paper no later than the first Friday of the semester in which the student intends to graduate. Each draft must be approved by the respective primary reader prior to its distribution to the second readers. Students should allow two to three weeks turnaround time by readers for each paper draft and should also be aware that readers routinely require extensive revision and rewriting of drafts before final approval.  

2. To declare intention to graduate for a certain term, students must complete the steps listed in the UIC Web for Student for the Pending Degree List as given on this web. The Pending Degree List form may be submitted from the start of registration for the graduation semester until the Friday of the third week of fall and spring or second week of the summer semester.

3. Both papers should be completed and approved by all readers by the tenth week of the semester. The departmental Two-Paper Option form must be signed by all readers and given to the DGS.