Stella Brown


New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study BA 2009, Concentration: Collection and Display of the Cultural Object

Stella Brown (b. 1986 Chicago, IL) is a Chicago based artist and curator. Through an interdisciplinary research-based art practice, her work explores narratives within natural history, geology, and culture using modes of collection, documentation and display appropriated from natural history museums, scientific collections and the model of the store. Her work often takes the forms of installations involving fabricated objects, illustrations and collected geologic specimens, artifacts and texts. Her recent work explores what it means to enter the Anthropocene epoch by applying the concept not only to geology, but to all aspects of the natural world and human culture. She is interested in the way that humans leave their mark on the geologic, botanical and ecological record and mankind’s role in the future of ecology. She has shown work at Goldfinch Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Triumph and Slow Pony Projects and Comfort Station in Chicago and the at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has presented curatorial projects with Efrain Lopez Gallery and Shoot the Lobster, among others.

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