Nancy Sanchez


BFA Studio Arts UIC
MFA Studio Arts UIC

nancy sánchez decided to add the accent mark onto her last name. the accent mark was taken by the us government during the 80’s when her father began legal documentation. sánchez threads micro moments, such as the the accent mark on last name to highlight historical erasure. past is something sánchez tries to remember, like psychological fog. having pieces and bits of a truth, trying to unearth it. working at funeral homes, sánchez is influenced by life’s transient nature, necropolitics and elegy. the preservation of history and current life become the art conductors. stories told, untold, and hidden; are intwined with culture and folklore. they makeup the landscapes within work. sánchez is a mexican -american, chicana, chicago native, first generation born on the “other side”, bruja, humanitarian, environmentalist, activist, proud granddaughter of a woman who could not read nor write. recordar es resistencia, darle espacio a nuestra historia, es resistencia. siempre, respirar con resistencia.

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