Mikolaj Czerwinski


B.A University of Illinois at Chicago
M.A University of Kentucky


302 Henry Hall

I am a doctoral candidate in the Art History Department at the University of Illinois Chicago.  My dissertation research and teaching focuses on similarities in design practice between those countries of the Eastern Bloc, especially including Poland, and those of the West during the twentieth century.  By looking closely at connections between these regions, I challenge the notion of Eastern as separate from the West, following the Second World War.  In addition to questioning this dichotomy, I scrutinize the perception of Easter Europe as homogenous.  Rather, I consider the differences in design practice and its relationship to a specific place or geographical region despite changes in national boarders or political systems.  In reviewing design practice from these areas, I focus closely on the relationships objects of industrial design shared with concepts of modernity. I also review the epistemological differences between decorative or applied art and industrial design.  Theoretically, my work explores the histories of globalization and commodity circulation. It uses and builds on the work of scholars such as the following: Bruno Latour, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Homi Bhaba, Rey Chow, Pierre Bourdieu, Maria Janion, Ronald Barthes.

Courses Taught