Lisa Yun Lee


PhD, Duke University, German Studies
BA, Bryn Mawr College, Religion



929 West Harrison Street, 106 Jefferson Hall

Lisa Yun Lee is a member of the Art History, Museum and Exhibition Studies, and Gender and Women's Studies faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Lisa is also the co-founder of The Public Square at the Illinois Humanities Council, an organization dedicated to creating spaces for dialogue and dissent and for reinvigorating civil society. She has published a book on Frankfurt School philosopher Theodor Adorno titled, Dialectics of the Body: Corporeality in the Philosophy of Theodor Adorno (Routledge, 2004), and researches and writes about museums and diversity, cultural and environmental sustainability, and spaces for fostering radically democratic practices. Lisa received her BA in Religion from Bryn Mawr College, and a PhD in German Studies from Duke University. She is the Co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy at UIC, and she serves on the national boards of the American Alliance of Museums, Imagining America: Artists & Scholars in Public Life, the Ms. Magazine Adviory Board, and the boards of Rebuild Foundation, the National Public Housing Museum, Young Chicago Authors, 3Arts, and the International Contemporary Ensemble.

Courses Taught

AH 544: Public Engagement in Museums and Exhibitions
Art 190 Socially Engaged Art: Hip Hop;
AH 545: Museums, Genres, Practices, and Institutions
AH 522: Issues in Architecture, Design and Urbanism: Radical Exhibition Practices
AH 460: Politics, Pleasure and the Public Sphere
AH460: Aesthetics, Politics and Furious Styles: Theory and Practice in the Public Sphere