Georgina Ruff


BA, Art History, Portland State University, Portland, OR
BA, Studio Art, University of Maryland, College Park, MD


Georgina Ruff is in the writing stage of her dissertation, "Beyond Light and Space: How the Lamp Changes Everything," which turns the focus from the phenomenological effects of post-war light art to the technological means of the work's production. She is currently a recipient of the UIC Dean's Scholar Award and her research was previously supported by a DAAD Fellowship. During the course of her PhD program, Georgina has received a Mellon Fellowship to the Seminar in Technical Art History at the NYU/IFA Conservation Center, interned at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, been Assistant to the Curator of the Jane Addams Hull House Museum, and has taught at the School of the Art Institute, Illinois State University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Courses Taught