MFA New Media Arts

Matthew Wizinsky, MFA 2010, Thirsty World, interactive book

New Media faculty include:  Sabrina Raaf and Daniel Sauter

New Media offers students a unique, interdisciplinary curriculum in which leading practitioners come together to work with students on developing aesthetic and critical perspectives in emergent technologies.  Seminar courses address topics ranging from newly evolving issues within contemporary arts to physical computing, mobile application design, 3D animation, Info-aesthetics, and the history and theory of New Media Arts. Students can work with gradaute students from the sciences, engineering, and bioVisualization.

All MFA students are encouraged to fully engage in the School's interdisciplinary program and to explore the social, conceptual, and aesthetic possibilities of art practice. Students work in close conversation with faculty and their peers to create significant work in an array of media, including drawing, painting, photography, moving image, new media arts, performance, and sculpture. Seminars on the practice and theory of contemporary art are another important component to the curriculum, and students are encouraged to take courses in other Departments at the University.

Degree Requirements

In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, students must meet the following program requirements: 

  • Minimum Semester Hours Required: 64.

  • Required Courses: ART 520 Seminar in Contemporary Theory (16 hours); ART 508 Advanced Electronic Visualization and Critique (16 hours); and ART 509 Advanced Electronic Visualization (20 hours).

  • Electives: At least 12 hours of graduate-level electives are required. The completion of at least two courses in art history is strongly recommended.

  • Comprehensive Examination: None. 

  • Thesis, Project, or Course-Work-Only Options: Project required. No other options available. 

  • Project: All MFA candidates must present a public exhibition or showing for review. Documentation in the form of a major paper and DVD of the project must be presented to the school for archival purposes.

  • Other Requirements: Continuation in the MFA program beyond the second semester requires an evaluation and recommendation of the Graduate Advisory Committee in the student’s area.