School of Art & Art History UIC at Chicago Foreign Language Requirements


1. Selection of language

Reading knowledge of a foreign language relevant to the 
student’s plan of study is required. The DGS or faculty advisor     
will approve the selection of a language. French and German are
the languages most frequently selected for those pursuing the 
degree, but the study of any language important to the student’s
area of research interest will be considered.    


2. Proof of language competence

The Student must do one of the following:

a) Receive a grade of B or better in a UIC foreign language
reading course for graduate students (or its equivalent at 
another institution, with the approval of the DGS). These courses
will not count toward the 36 credit hours required for the MA or
PhD degree.       

b) Pass a language exam administered by a language
department at UIC. The department recommends that students
take the language exam during their first year of graduate study.
In case of failure, the student may repeat the examination until
it is passed. The foreign language requirement must be satisfied
before the student registers for thesis research.  

c) A test administered by or through the Department of Art 
History of approximately ninety minutes. The language test usually
consists of a translation of a 300-word passage from an art historical text into accurate English with the aid of a dictionary.  

d) 4 semesters of college/university language study, with a 
grade of B or better. Courses where readings are in translation
may not be used. The last semester of study can be no more 
than 5 years prior to the student’s first year of graduate study.    

e) The equivalent of the above (determined by the Director of
Graduate Studies) in workshops, summer programs, fieldwork or
research in a foreign language, or other language-learning

 f) A degree from a foreign university where English is not the
primary language of instruction. In cases of languages, such as
some Native American languages, where there is not a 
significant body of written material in the language, courses
focusing on grammar and conversation, or spoken fluency as 
demonstrated by testing, may be used.     

g) Native speakers with advanced reading skills as determined  
by the Director of Graduate Studies are exempt from the 
language requirement as are those students who have 
completed: 1) study in a foreign language at a foreign 
university, 2) field work conducted in a second language, or 3) 
summer intensive second language programs at an advanced

h) A test of language proficiency from the MA degree (must be
noted on transcript).