Art History Teaching Assistant Policy


The Art History department employs Teaching Assistants to help faculty members provide a rich and meaningful educational experience for both our students and the Assistants themselves. Toward that end, there are certain requirements of their positions that the Assistants are asked to meet.

Compensation and Appointment

  • TAs receive a tuition waiver and a stipend set by the university
  • TAs are selected by the Graduate Program Committee of the Department


  • Newly appointed TAs are required to attend the TA orientation offered by the University shortly before the start of the Fall semester
  • TAs must attend all meetings of the course to which they are assigned and to do all the required readings for the class in addition to whatever auxiliary preparation the professor deems reasonable. 
    • This may take the form of additional readings, the preparation of lecture notes, or the leading of group discussions of the course material. 
  • TAs may also be asked to run regular discussion sections and be responsible for developing material from the class lectures to facilitate discussion, for administering, and grading, course exams, for assigning and grading written assignments, for conducting review sessions, and for performing other relevant duties that the instructor might require. 
  • TAs are also asked to make themselves available for extra-class consultation with their students by maintaining regular office hours (usually one fixed hour and one or two by arrangement).

Survey of World History of Art (AH 110 and 111)

Most of the department’s Teaching Assistants are involved in the Survey of World History of Art (AH 110 and 111). For these classes: 

  • TAs are required to attend a weekly meeting (usually on Friday afternoons) at which the professor will discuss the content of each review session and other subjects related to the class. 
    • While this meeting normally takes from one to two hours, students are expected to keep their schedules sufficiently open following this meeting to be able to address unanticipated issues.
  • The TAs are also expected to aid in the development of the writing and research skills of their students that are necessary for written assignments, as well as the development of student study skills in preparation for quizzes and exams. 
  • Finally, TAs are required to grade their students’ written assignments and exams in a timely manner.

Accountability and Evaluation

  • Ultimate authority on all matters of teaching resides in the professor and any serious course-related problems relating to students’ academic performance, or ethical or personal issues should be brought to his or her attention. 
  • TAs will be evaluated every semester by the supervising professor and a short written statement summarizing that evaluation will be submitted to the Graduate Program Committee.