Lectures and Events


Art History Colloquium

Fall 2018 | Fridays 4:15–6:00 pm | 106 Henry Hall

Notes from the Field

September 7

Members of the department share insights and observations from their travels

September 14

Cassy Smith , Doctoral Candidate, UIC Dept. of Art History Placing Pottery Mound: World as Metaphor

Ionit Behar , Doctoral Candidate, UIC Dept. of Art History
Handheld Minimalist Objects: Margarita Paksa’s Relaxing Egg , 1967

September 28

Deepthi Murali , Doctoral Candidate, UIC Dept. of Art History
Ecological Imperialism and the Shaping of Aesthetics in Colonial India

October 5

Nora Taylor , Professor of Art History, Theory and Criticism, SAIC Sedimented Acts: South and Southeast Asian Artists’ Engagements with History

October 12

Deanna Ledezma , Doctoral Candidate, UIC Dept. of Art History
Fascination with Interior Work: Domestic Photography and the Middleton Family

October 19


October 26

Emmanuel Ortega , Visiting Assistant Profesor of Art History, UIC
Consuming the Host: The Materiality of Franciscan Anxiety in Eighteenth- Century New Spain

November 2

Linda Dalrymple Henderson , Professor of Art History, UT Austin
Duchamp and Herne Bay, August 1913: Reflections in the Large Glass and the Readymades

November 9

Timothy Brennan , Professor of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, Univ. of Minnesota
Against Modernism

November 16

Anna Kornbluh , Associate Professor of English, UIC The New Public Criticism

November 30

Nicoletta Rousseva and Christopher Reeves , Doctoral Candidates, UIC Dept. of Art History
On Failure

Dec 7

Holiday Party