Roni Packer


2008-2011 - BA, Art & Philosophy, The Open University of Israel.
2004-2007 - Senior Art Instructor, Tel-Hai College.
2001 - Analogue Photography, Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv.



Roni Packer is an Israeli painter born and raised in Tel Aviv. Her paintings are suspended between the macro and the micro. Moving from the political and cultural spheres of the conflict-ridden Middle-East to the individual fears, anxieties and survival strategies and back again. Packer’s paintings bring to light the dialectics of the public and the private in colorful and often surprising compositions. By exploring these reciprocal relations, Packer visualize how the internalization of violence becomes part of who we are, while at the same time opening a space for communication and empathy. Currently living and working in Chicago, Packer’s latest works are suspended between her birthplace and her new home. They are emotionally charged expressions of the tension of between these two different geographical influences, reflecting the many identities the artist is forced to assume in her everyday life.

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