Khristin Landry


PhD Candidate University of Illinois Chicago (current)
MA in Art History from Northern Illinois University (2011)
MA in Anthropology from Northern Illinois University (2008)
Certification of Museum Studies and Concentration in Latin American Studies from Northern Illinois University (2011)


I am a PhD Candidate in the department of Art History at the University of Chicago Illinois. My dissertation project reviews the art, architecture and history of the northern Maya region during the Postclassic Period (13th-16th centuries). I am particularly looking at artistic and architectural hybridization at the large Precolumbian city of Mayapan located in Yucatan, Mexico. I am also charting Mayapan's stylistic and iconographic relationship with other Postclassic Maya sites. Ultimately, I hope this project provides new information about the artistic and cultural processes of this relatively poorly understood period and region in Maya art history.

Courses Taught