Erin Madarieta


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Minor in Art History, 2012 Thesis: “Archives of Identity: Asier Mendizabal and Ibon Aranberri” Committee: Terri Weissman (Thesis Adviser, Art History), L. Elena Delgado (Spanish)


Erin Madarieta (née Hayes) graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012. During her undergraduate studies, she enriched her education at other institutions, completing a course on New York City's ecosystem of museums and galleries offered by New York University, and a semester of study abroad at Deustuko Unibertsitatea/Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao, Spain. During her time in Bilbao, Erin interned for the art producer consonni, where she contributed research and translation to various projects, including a directory of post-industrial creative factories in the European Union. She also carried out field research for her undergraduate distinction thesis, which concerned Basque identity in the work of contemporary artists Asier Mendizabal and Ibon Aranberri. Outside of her studies, Erin has extensive experience working for knowledge-producing institutions; she worked over five years in registration and imaging at the Spurlock Museum of World Cultures at UIUC, was an editor at Common Ground Publishing, and a clerk at the Champaign County Historical Archives at The Urbana Free Library. In pursuing her graduate studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she intends to focus on contemporary South American art to think transnationally about themes arising from her previous work, including institutionalized knowledge, landscape, ecology, territory, the nation and the state, and the intersections of these with notions of indigeneity. Broadly speaking, she plans to investigate the ways in which contemporary artists engage with the reciprocal relations between the bodies of knowledge framing the themes and debates mentioned above and the physical bodies affected by these, especially in Peru.

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