Daniel Haddad


University of Illinois in Chicago, MFA in Studio Arts, 2018 expected
2015 BFA from University of Texas at Arlington, Texas

Daniel Haddad is an intermedia artist born and raised in Mexico City. At the age of 15 he moved with his family into the state of Texas in which he started to be aware of the separation of class and race in a new territory, making him more aware of his own identity and integrity. Through his work he tries to raise the viewer’s awareness of the routines immigrants face daily to reach equal opportunities and achieve the potential for a better living: dealing with the Federal process of documentation to keep their status classification, the engagement within communities from the inside as well as the outside in a foreign environment, and dealing with the daily submission of hard labor and low class income. Reflecting on how all these individuals, including himself, connect as a community and minority group and how they share the same societal disadvantages and concerns. Questioning what is our responsibility and participation toward these social classes and how we identify those within.

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