Love Art & Art History? Fall 2016 Gen Ed Offerings Now Available

Love art and art history? Get inspired and join us at the UIC School of Art and Art History to fulfill your General Education degree requirements. Study art history! Paint your way to fulfilling your Gen Ed credits! Learn to draw! Improve your photography skills! You are now able to take painting, drawing, photography, new media arts, sculpture, and art history to earn credits toward your degree at UIC! 

Fall 2016 Course Book is now online! The overview of available Gen Ed Classes are below:


ISA 110 Creativity and Innovation in Design and Arts

ART 112 Introduction to Drawing

ART 130 Introduction to Painting + Color

ART 140 Introduction to Sculpture

ART 150 Introduction to New Media Arts

ART 160 Introduction to Digital Photography

ART 170 Introduction to Moving Image

ART 190 Introduction to Socially Engaged Art: Hip-Hop

Art History

AH100 Introduction to Art and Art History

AH 110 Art History II

AH 160 Trends in International Contemporary Art Since 1960

AH 180 Introduction to Museum and Exhibition

AH 235 History of Design I: 1760-1925

AH 250 Italian Renaissance Art

AH 260 European Art from 1750 to 1900

AH 275- South Asian Visual Culture