Humans of the UIC School of Art & Art History: Danny Dunson

Danny Dunson is an undergraduate Art History major at UIC, photographed by Lisa Yun Lee at his favorite spot on campus- Gallery 400.

Danny Dunson is the latest human to be featured on our new blog about the diverse human ecology of the UIC School of Art & Art History. We capture the unique style of members of our community somewhere on campus and ask them 6 questions.  

1.) First things first.  How would you define your awesome style?

A hybrid of traditional tailored menswear and contemporary West African prints. I love to mix the mundane with unexpected, the high and the low, the department store and the thrift shop.

2.) Why did you choose Art History?

A long time ago I thought I wanted to be an artist, and along the way I took classes in Art History. Art objects are containers of multiple narratives. These narratives must be retold, explored, analyzed, and often times rewritten, and that is what fascinates me about Art History. It provides the narratives that give objects a meaning that reaches beyond museums and coffee table books.

3.) What unexpected places around the globe has your studies taken you?

I spent a semester studying abroad in Ghana. I completed an independent study that surveyed the art of Ghanaian cemeteries.  My experience in Ghana launched me on a trajectory into the field of African Diasporic Art.

This past summer I continued my exploration in Florence, Italy where I attended a conference on black portraiture. The conference involved black artists from all over the world along with historians and curators who primarily focus on art of the African Diaspora. I will be studying in Morocco this coming spring. I am excited to learn about another culture and to continue my studies in the Arabic language.

4.) What is your most fierce character trait?

I am not afraid of an argument. I think quickly, and I don't allow an opposing view to intimidate me. I can articulate my argument clearly without getting emotional and losing focus.

5.) What is the best thing about UIC?

The faculty at UIC has been nurturing and supportive. In my classes across the many areas of study that UIC offers, I have been impressed by the commitment to teaching my professors have expressed. The faculty has supported me both academically and spiritually.

6.) If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about UIC that would make this university a better place, what would it be?

I would love classes to have a more multidisciplinary approach like my Art History classes.  I like subjects that combine literature, visual art, history and philosophy. An intersectional approach in all areas of study would capture the attention of UIC's diverse student population.